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Terms & Conditions

This agreement is not binding upon the parties until the first payment has been received by Klang Villa and conformation has been sent to the guest.

Initial Deposit

An initial deposit of 10% of the rental must be made at the time the booking is made.

The payment must be made in Thai Baht and received within four days after the payment instructions have been sent to you by Klang Villa.

The payment should be by bank transfer in Thai Baht. Klang Villa will furnish wiring instructions at the time of booking.

All originating charges incurred for the bank transfer will be borne by the guest. Klang Villa will pay the receiving costs of the bank transfer.

Initial Deposit

The final payment must be made upon arrival.

Cancellation and Refunds

If a cancellation is made at least 45 days prior to arrival, all deposit money will be refunded. If Klang Villa is forced to cancel due to the villa becoming uninhabitable, then all payments will be refunded. All refunds will be made in Thai Baht.

Check In and Check Out Times

Check in time is 1:00pm and check out time is 11:00am. If there are no other bookings, then we can be flexible on check in and check out time.

Transportation to Pattaya

We have a van service that we recommend. Bookings are made through Klang Villa. There are many van services on the Internet.

Conduct and Behavior

Each guest is responsible for abiding by the laws of Thailand.

Property and Valuables

Each guest is responsible for abiding by the laws of Thailand.


Please make sure the children can swim.


Klang Villa strongly recommends that the entire party be covered by comprehensive travel and health insurance. Klang Villa is hereby held harmless by you ad your party for all claims related to your use of Klang Villa or locally procured services which are secured at the guest's request. The villa tile floors and the wood floor around pool are slippery when wet, so use care when walking on the wet wood or tile. Your payment signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

This Agreement is governed by the Laws of the Kindom of Thailand and any disputes will be settled in the Thai courts.

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